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To be a MEMORABLE brand, you need an artfully curated VISUAL IDENTITY—one that’s EMBLEMATIC of the iconic business owner YOU ALREADY ARE.

So we created a modern-style agency with expertise across the branding spectrum to serve as your one-stop-shop, and to enable you to create a powerful omnichannel brand identity.

We said “no thanks” to having a defined niche because of our dedication to differentiating each client.

So regardless of whether you’re in luxury ecommerce, editorial, hospitality—or your a creative professional, or a dentist, you’re going to get:

Photos you’re obsessed with and feel confident in

A brand identity that creates a buzz in your immediate network and the industry at large

A brand you’re proud of & truly conveys what you can do for people

The process

OUR ART FORM, YOUR BRAND - in the making


Once you’re signed on and good to go, we’ll uncover everything we need to know about you, your business, and the vision you have for your brand.


This is where the magic happens. Based on your deliverables, we go to work by artfully compiling mood boards, creative direction, shot lists, and more. Branding comes first, then art direction, then web design.


With a clear vision and plan in hand, it's time to execute all the way through. Our bespoke offerings are full-service, which means we literally take care of everything for you. Just show up & be ready to break the mold.


Like a like a quintessential Chanel purse that never fades or go out of style, we work hard to ensure the same is true of your brand. Our Bespoke Brand Identity & Bespoke Web Design packages start at $10K, and Art Direction services range between $5,500 to $8,500.

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Get ready to be the brand everyone wants to hang out with—online & IRL.

If you’re tired of brand photos that all look the same and you need to execute a successful shoot on a start-up budget, Off the Shelf was tailor-made for you.

You’ll find ready-to-go guides, each with a distinctly different look, named after a fashion week city with 3 designers as the main inspiration.

break the mold





Take their word for it

" Madison is the ONLY person I could've trusted as I rebranded RK Empathy. The qualities that matter the most when you bring someone in to touch your business and bring it to life exactly as you envision it is compassion, genuinity, integrity, and class- everything that Madison & Co exudes. When I trust someone with decisions that can significantly impact my business, I look for how much they love and genuinely invest in their craft and genius. Madison has that quality in her when it comes to creative design. Her professionalism, eye for innovative design, and ability to handle each moving piece with such grace were impeccable. Madison doesn't push her agenda; she absorbs yours and has the gift of truly understanding you and bringing your dreams to reality. She does this with kindness and empathy, along with her incredible expertise. By working with Madison, the confidence and engagement of RK Empathy went up. My confidence in my own business grew tenfold, as did the attraction of my client base. When I have projects within RK Empathy that require a creative eye, By Madison & Co is the only company I trust unconditionally. Thank you, Madison. "

Payal Beri, RK Empathy

" I hands down am so thankful and grateful I decided to work with Madison and her team. She completely understood the vision and not only delivered but hit it out of the park. Madison and her team streamlined the process from start to finish. The moodboards, the concept, the logo, and the website build-out were all stress free for me. When glitches came up she handled it immediately and without any delay. We loved working with her so much we rehired Madison when it was time to do our mini collection product launch! And when I say it was spectacular, it's an understatement. I recommend her to other associates, friends, established businesses, anyone who will listen because she is a genius at what she does. The proof is simply in her work. Take a look at our product launch or our website. It's more than I had even envisioned it to be honestly. A HUGE thank you to her and her team for always bringing their A game to every project we work on together. Can't wait to work together again! "

Kathy Samaan, Samaan Design Group

" Madison and her team have been a dream to work with. The level of care and attention to detail were unparalled. Madison and her team went above and beyond. We were drawn to work with by Madison & Co. because of their elevated and timeless aesthetic and knew that Madison would be the perfect person to bring the new iteration of our law firm to life. We couldn't be more in love with our new branding and website. We can't recommend Madison and her team enough! "

Zara & Sean, Watson & Young

" Our decision to choose Madison came because her work wasn’t ‘cookie cutter’ — we knew the aesthetic we wanted and when she shared about her background in fashion and editorial, we knew she would have the experience to create what we desired. She challenged us to think critically about what our brand represented … and then brought it to life in a way that had us in awe. The final design aesthetic was dubbed ‘dignified edge’ and it couldn’t be more spot on (think: cheetah meets Beyonce meets Rolls Royce). The imagery she put together was powerful, elegant, and a touch dangerous. It was sexy, sophisticated, and bold. It perfectly captured who we are, and who we want to be, while making people feel something when they experience it. Prior to our working with her, our brand had no identity and afterward, we are known for it. People know exactly who we are. We stand out. And others are attracted to us as a result. "

Alisha & Maurice Pennington, Pennington Perspective


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