off the shelf art direction

Ambitious Entrepreneur | Samantha Jones PR

$ 850.00 

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off the shelf BRANDING

Ambitious Entrepreneur | Samantha Jones PR

$ 850.00 

For the business owner who knows the importance of a good brand identity but can’t quite fully invest in a custom experience (yet).

The Design by Madison Off the Shelf Brand Identity Packages are pre-created with everything included in the Bespoke package, and only sold once to you, ensuring originality. Please allow up to 5 business days after purchase to apply the logo style + branding to your business details provided.

Each Off the Shelf Brand Identity includes:
1 Primary logo
1 Secondary logo
1 Brand mark
Custom Color palette
Links to the fonts included
Up to 6 social launch graphics (either available stock photos or submitted brand photos)
Black and White & Custom Color files of each logo type in formats: PNG (transparent background), JPG, & SVG. When complete, all files will be uploaded to a Google Drive file + the link will be emailed for your convenience.

In approximately 3-4 days, you will receive a draft from Madison and the option of one round of minor , technical edits. (ex: all caps vs title case)


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